विशेस धन्यवाद

१. खोटांग समाज हंगकंग
२.खोटांग समाज युके
३.खोटांग सेवा समाज कोरिया
४.खोटांग सेवा समाज काठमाण्डो
५.खोटांग सेवा समाज कतार
६.खोटांग सेवा समाज मलेसिया

अन्य देशमा पनि खोटांग समाज भयमा सम्पर्क राखि दिनहुन अनुरोध गर्दछौ।


2 responses to “विशेस धन्यवाद

  1. hi…everryone can u please keep n touch with us in singapore cause we are alots in our group. we also more concern abaut khotang we need to do something in khotang n need to help n keep close with all khotange all over the world. if possible please contact to 65-90882444 or 65-68583840 u r welcom.

  2. Thank You all the creative Group or team for Khotang documentry.
    How can we help for this historical task ? We are ready to help to fulfil this work from Kathmandu or khotang.

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